With around 4,000 registered yachts, China already has over 100 marinas with a total of 9,566 wet berths and 2,087 dry berths. However, despite the large surplus, another 15,689 berths are planned. These figures were recently presented at the Asia Boating Forum held in Singapore by Larry Lim, managing director of the Asia Marina Consortium.

Of the existing berths, the province of Guangdong has most with around 2,700 wet and 1,400 dry berths, followed by Zhejiang with 1,800 wet berths and Shandong with 1,500 wet berths. Hainan, the key yachting centre in the south of China, has about 700 wet and 200 dry berths.

In respect of the 15,689 planned berths, Guangdong again accounts for the biggest slice with about 6,300 berths; Hainan with 3,300 berths; Tianjin (the port for Beijing) with 1,800; Shandong with 1,600 and Shanghai with 300.

Looking at the distribution of marinas, Guangdong again tops the list with 26, followed by Hainan with 18, Shanghai with 14 and Shandong with 10.

In respect of marina by size, the breakdown is as follows:

Less than 50 berths:     19
50-200:                        26
200-500:                      41
500-1,000:                   15
1,000-plus:                    8