Photo by Romain Maurice Photography

Photo by Romain Maurice Photography

Miami-based Island Gardens Deep Harbour (IGDH) is dubbed the first site in North America capable to accommodate yachts up to 167m (550ft). The facility entered operation in January this year and hosted the inaugural Inaugural Superyacht Miami show in February.

Mehmet Bayraktar, Turkish real estate mogul and CEO of Flagstone Property Group, the investor behind the project, told Superyacht Business that he plans to position Miami as a top superyacht destination.

The facility is part of a full development project due for completion in season 2018. The marina will be complemented by two high-end hotels, a selection of retail and restaurants overlooking a waterfront promenade, as well as a water taxi transportation system servicing Miami and the beaches nearby.

The Deck, an outdoor lounge with panoramic views of Biscayne Bay and Downtown Miami, is the latest addition to the marina. “The Deck at Island Gardens is the perfect venue for guests to partake in the yachting lifestyle, signifying Miami’s emergence as the newest destination on the global superyachting circuit,” Bayraktar told SB.

Superyacht infrastructure
Miami has been growing as a destination over the past few years and it’s attracting people globally with culture, music and Art Basel yet the yachting lifestyle and waterfront amenities have been behind until now.

Island Gardens Deep Harbour marina has 5,000 linear feet of total capacity and can accommodate up to 50 slips on average depending on the season. “The design allows the marina to cater to demand and takes into account the linear feet of the yachts at hand,” Bayraktar explained.

Mehmet Bayraktar and Miami Beach Commissioner Ricky Arriola / Photo: Glenn Sime

Mehmet Bayraktar and Miami Beach Commissioner Ricky Arriola / Photo: Glenn Sime

Bayraktar says: “Despite Miami’s proximity to the Caribbean, there was limited capacity and a lack of amenities in South Florida — or North America, for that matter — for superyachts before this year. Now that Island Gardens Deep Harbour is fully operational, we can accommodate the world’s largest yachts up to 550ft with drafts of 18ft-21ft alongside a waterfront of programming such as the Deck at Island Gardens.”

The marina stared operation at the beginning of the year and since then it has been building a steady base of clientele. “As a result of the Superyacht Miami show, we’ve seen an increase in bookings. When larger superyachts that take up more linear feet are docked at the marina, there will be fewer yachts inside; having slips that are not fixed allows us to cater to demand,” he explained.

Marina Island Gardens Deep Harbour is equipped with:

  • In-slip fuelling
  • Water pump-out service
  • Electrical outlets with three phase (208 and 480 volt) and single phase (120 volt), 100/50/30 Amps
  • 24-hour video surveillance and on-site security
  • Transportation arrangement upon request.

“Miami is a place that naturally attracts the super-rich. Superyachts are now adding Miami as a natural stop on the global yachting circuit alongside Monaco, Dubai and St Barths due to the capacity and amenities now in place at Island Gardens,” he concluded.