By Bahar Öztürk

A new marina with a capacity for 400 superyachts is under construction in the Ataköy region of Istanbul, Turkey. The marina is an extension of the Ataköy Tourism Complex, which also contains Ataköy Marina, the Galleria Shopping Mall, Sheraton Hotel and Ataköy Marina Park.

Ataköy Tourism Complex is currently under the administration of Dati-Mariners Ataköy Tourism and Construction Company, a subsidiary of Dati Holding that was founded by Şadan Kalkavan, Fuat Miras, Gündüz Kaptanoğlu, Eşref Cerrahoğlu and Metin Kalkavan.

The marina will be located on a manmade peninsula that will be built as a coastal extension. The process to fill the peninsula has already begun, with filling materials being carried by ship to the construction site because of heavy traffic on the road running along the site.

Conference halls, convention centres, restaurants and clubs are also to be built on the proposed peninsula.

Recently the ownership of the marina construction area has been a matter of contention in the Turkish press. Some claim that the owner of the area is the State Housing Development Association (TOKİ). Dati Holding claims that the control and usage rights belong the to Turkish National Estate.

Gökhan Kıran, board member and director of the executive board of Dati Holding, recently held a press briefing where he said that the Turkish National Estate had given authorisation for the project back in 2008.

The superyacht marina is due to be completed by the end of 2015.