New facility will have berths of up to 185m. The project has been developed by the marina division of the Sovren House Group, YSM, under a concession awarded to it by the Balearic Islands Port Authority. David Robinson reports.

A new superyacht marina is set to open in Ibiza this year that will offer berths between 40m-185m (131ft-607ft). The multimillion-euro project was developed by the marina division of the Sovren House Group, YSM, under a concession awarded to it by the Balearic Islands Port Authority (APB).

“We’re delighted to have been awarded this concession,” says Stephen White, CEO of Sovren House Group. “I am really excited about the positive impact that YSM and Sovren can and will make, not only on the economy of Ibiza Town, but also on the appeal of the island to superyacht owners and charterers worldwide.

“We will be groundbreaking both in Ibiza and across the Balearics in providing this kind of marina that is worthy of the expanding fleet of superyachts,” he added. “Currently we are focused on working with local port authorities as well as the town hall and the mayor to highlight the areas in which the marina can give a positive effect and benefit the local community.”

SB understand that the concession is for 25-30 years and that it involves the area of the port formerly occupied by the Port Ibiza Town marina. It also includes the area of Duques de Alba, as well as a new facility called Es Martell on the Darsena del Levante dock, which together covers most of the old town docks.

The new marina will be located in the part of the port that was used as the main car ferry dock to the mainland. This led to congestion and pollution within the UNESCO World Heritage site, so after collaboration between the town hall, local port authority and Ibiza’s Chamber of Commerce, the ferry dock is being moved to the newly-constructed cruise terminal near to the new outer port wall, making way for Sovren’s new development, which has been six years in the making.

Superyacht destination

Ibiza has historically catered for the smaller superyacht segment with marinas such as Botafoch, Ibiza Magna and Marina Ibiza, but Sovren’s new development will target larger superyachts. It will provide 16 berths in total, including one 185m (607ft) and one 125m (410ft) alongside-berth and 16 stern-to berths for yachts up to 100m (328ft).

The island has been growing in popularity as the trendiest superyacht destination in the Mediterranean. Every summer it is overrun with superyachts making the most of its plentiful cruising options, anchorages and hip party scene, and White fully expects this momentum to continue.

White commented: “Obviously everything goes in cycles, but the Western Med has always been a popular superyacht destination. Spain has been very careful and pragmatic about developing its charter market and now has a clear system in place to make it easy for superyachts to operate in Spain.”

White points out this has been recognised by MYBA with the new location of this year’s MYBA Charter Show in Barcelona, which highlights the opportunity in Spain. “Whereas Barcelona is seen more as a homeport and winter destination, the Balearics is viewed as a year-round destination for cruising and refit.”

He suggests that the launch of Sovren Marina promises to make a significant impact on superyachting in the Balearics and reflects the growing demand for berths in the region as a direct outcome of the easing of cruising regulations in Spain.

The concept behind the development also fits in with a new breed of marinas and infrastructure that superyachts are becoming accustomed to. With the likes of OneOcean Barcelona and Porto Montenegro setting a new standard in the industry, Sovren Marina is further evidence of the smartening up of the marina sector.