By Bahar Öztürk

A new marina located on Turkey’s south coast is due to open in October. Güllük Marina, which covers a 58,000sq m area near Bodrum, will have 350 berths for yachts from 15m-50m in length. Local construction firm Odek began building the marina in August last year.

Located just 8km from Bodrum airport, Güllük Marina is expected to be the starting point for yacht charters as well as yacht owners that have limited time for holidays. The marina will also include a boutique hotel, pool and restaurant.

Güllük Marina is the second marina investment by Egesu Marina, which opened Port Iasos at the end of 2013. Port Iasos provides services to Turkish and European yacht owners, and currently has a 70% occupancy rate. The average age of occupant is 50-60, most of whom are looking for a quiet and natural environment in which to berth their yachts.

Neither Güllük Marina nor Port Iasos have wintering areas, although Egesu Marina is planning to build one in a separate area close to Bodrum peninsula for its clients. Construction of this wintering area will begin in 2016.