Arcdia 145, a 44m yacht below 500GT

Arcdia 145, a 44m yacht below 500GT

Following the news about Arcadia Yachts’ strategy for larger builds, the Italian shipyard has unveiled details of two new models for 2015.

Design concept for new Arcadia 100

Design concept for new Arcadia 100

In lamination is hull #1 of the new Arcadia 100. The yacht is built in reinforced fibreglass with vinylester resin for the three external layers, whereas sides are built in PVC sandwich with fibreglass.

This new yacht will have three decks and an overall length of 31.06m, a beam of 7.75m, and a displacement at full load of 110 tons.

With an optimized hull for efficiency, whose primary advantage is to reduce the fuel consumption compared to other yachts of similar dimensions, the new Arcadia 100 is powered by two 1,000 hp engines to reach a maximum speed of about 18 knots and cruising speed. The yard says at 16 knots, fuel consumption is approximately 260 liters/hour and at 14 knots this decreases to 160 liters/hour.

Arcadia 100’s extended cruising range is also favoured by low generators usage. When the yacht is at anchor during the daylight, electrical energy production can be also supplied by the solar panels that cover almost all of the superstructure.

Also for 2015 is Arcadia 145. The design for this new model has been recently completed and the shipyard is ready to start construction. The project is for a 44m yacht below 500GT.

The yard says that despite generous main deck created according to a ahead wide body concept, Arcadia 145 will be a benchmark for yachts of this size.

The solar panel verandas, already present on other models of the Arcadia range, are located on the upper deck, and thanks to even more efficient photovoltaic elements, the panels will produce up to 6 kwh, a 25% upgrade of green energy.

Arcadia has announced the model will be available in two versions, both featuring the owner’s suite on the main deck, with an adjacent office and sitting room, a spacious bathroom and direct access to the lobby.

Lighting and spatial concepts for this model are decisive factors. Ample bay windows, at full height for vertical panels, but also present on the overheads are designed to provide a unique sensation of airiness.

In addition, Arcadia Yachts is working on a Arcadia 180, but more details will be announced later in the year.