Dutch shipyard Oceanco says the 90m project is ready for construction. This motoryacht results from the collaboration with Dutch studio Van Geest Design and UK lighting specialist Temeloy.

Project Moonstone

Construction of project Moonstone could take up to 4.5 years

Dutch superyacht builder Oceanco has revealed more details of project Moonstone, the 90m motoryacht developed in collaboration with Dutch studio Van Geest Design and UK lighting specialist Temeloy. The concept was unveiled for the first time during the 2016 Dubai International Boat Show.

Oceanco says it has not signed an order for this project as of today but the shipyard has invested in R&D time, engineering and naval architecture capacity to ensure project Moonstone is ready for construction.

Probably an industry first, Moonstone’s multi-faceted hull and superstructure allows for a multitude of diverse visual effects. The hull light panels have been designed to be self-sufficient with the use of solar panels on top of the superstructure.

“The full colour overheads are extremely versatile, creating never experienced atmospheres onboard. Moods and ambiences can be set by the owner with the touch of a finger on phone or tablet. Oceanco says all these technologies have been thoroughly tested before integrating them in the build package,” the shipyard claims.

Oceanco also explains that the colour impact is built in Moonstone’s design for the owner to curate an ongoing experience with the yacht as a medium. “It can be video art to series of images and lighted surfaces, from plain colours to under water scenes, from vibrant kaleidoscopes to camouflage settings. The possibilities are endless on board and from ashore,” the shipyard explains

Perry Baloumis, Oceanco marketing manager, declined to disclose further details about the project but Pieter van Geest told SB that the performance is estimated to be in the 18.5ks mark.

Baloumis also revealed that six projects are currently in build at various stages of construction and moving forward. “These are truly unique projects. From a very large innovative sailing yacht to a 110m motoryacht to a hybrid propulsion. A great variety ranging from 88.5 m to 110m,” he told SB.

The build time for project Moonstone ranges from four to four-and-a-half years.

In addition, Pieter van Geest told SB that the Dutch design studio is working on various projects including a 32m explorer, a 50m sailing sloop and a 62m yacht support vessel. Van Geest Design is also working on several large yacht designs and doing tenders with X-Craft.