The fuel enquiry app bunker buoy has enriched its capabilities with a new ‘request a port agent’ feature. The app is the brainchild of Neil Miller who explains that one of his main aims when designing the bunker buoy app was to listen to what the industry wanted, from the captains, management companies and owners, to the suppliers as well.

bunker buoy was originally launched two years ago as an app which aimed to take all the time consuming work out of making a fuel enquiry and give the consumer the option to book the best quality fuel at the cheapest price. The app enabled users to connect directly with the world’s physical fuel suppliers.

Miller comments on the app’s new function, “When a yacht makes a fuel enquiry there are options to ‘request a port agent’, ‘no port agent is required’ or has ‘not yet decided’. The fuel supplier will then act accordingly and if a port agent is required the supplier will contact one to pass on to the yacht.”

He continues, “Feedback from captains has implied that features such as ‘request a port agent’ would be an excellent addition to the app. Our aim is to make the service as efficient and directed towards the user experience as possible. Therefore we will continue to update the app as we receive customer feedback.”