Call Systems Technology (CST) has now installed its customised call button system on over 100 yachts and is gaining traction as a market leader in the superyacht sector. The company has a wealth of background experience in call system technology which it has gathered from other industries such as the corporate and hospitality sectors.

CST’s call button technology ensures the owner and guests are professionally and effortlessly provided for onboard, with the use of a discreet, stylish and an easy to operate system.

The call button sends a signal from its location directly to the chief steward’s pager, alerting them instantly when service is required and ensuring a rapid response.

The weather proofed system can be secured to walls, decks, above and below tables. It has been designed to integrate seamlessly with the luxurious decor onboard, whilst also featuring bespoke designs to maintain its unobtrusive quality within lounges and on deck.

Uniquely the system runs off radio frequencies and not a yacht’s internal Wi-Fi system. The technology is also easy to maintain and will integrate with all onboard AV systems. It can be used as a standalone system, or interfaced with CST’s Genesis Paging Software, enabling all service requests to be logged and monitored by the captain.