New Zealand helm station expert IMED has developed a seamless dimmer to control LED lights, replacing obsolete dimmers and eliminating too-bright lights onboard.

The IMED Dimmer allows for even dimming of LED lights, using single or multiple external push buttons, and provides a viable alternative to obsolete dimmers. Users are able to control the level of lighting, preventing LED lights from being too bright at night and ruining exterior visibility and onboard setting. This is particularly key onboard sailing yachts where the helm and operational stations are often an integral part of a yacht’s design and layout.

Requiring a 24VDC supply, the dimmer has the ability to supply up to 120 watts of LED lighting using a PWM output that controls the negative line. Designed to be instinctively easy to use, the IMED dimmer also allows customisable settings, including a minimum dim setting. Other features include an optional on/off control, auxiliary contact and onboard status indication.

“All of IMED’s products have been designed to improve user experience and our dimmer provides a practical and simple solution to the problem of over bright LED lights onboard,’ says David Chalmers, managing director at IMED. “We are proud to have launched another problem-solving product to market.”