Barcelona-based Charterdart has teamed up with the maker of the semi-submersible watercraft Seabreacher in the US to adapt the concept for the superyacht market.

Seabreacher S

A customised craft can be delivered in six months’ time from the moment a client places an order

Charterdart, a boutique yacht charter company based in Barcelona, Spain, has announced that Seabreacher S, a superyacht edition of the semi-submersible watercraft Seabreacher, will be available in Europe from December this year..

This superyacht toy offers guests the chance to dive, jump, roll and flip from the comfort and safety of a dry, sealed cockpit. With a top speed of 60km/h, this specially developed model comes with an upgraded 300hp supercharged engine, advanced sound and navigation system, and a unique bubble top offering users panoramic views as they propel themselves through and out of the water.

Superyacht toy

Developed and built by Innespace Productions in California (US) the Seabreacher concept has been on the market for some time only available in three versions (models X, Y and Z) varying in design and speed.

Charterdart has teamed up with the Californian manufacturer to adapt the concept to the needs of superyachts. “Charterdart consulted crew throughout the development, making sure that this toy meets the quality and safety standards expected of this unique luxury realm and is easy to have on board and use,” Brian Hardman, founder of Charterdart, told SB.

Seabreacher S measures 5m LOA and 0.9m width and each model can be customized with the yachts’ branding, interior/exterior, trim to match the yachts’ scheme.

“The model is specific to the European market because it meets or exceeds the requirements for CE and registered as a tender. It also comes with much of the necessary hardware allowing it to be easily launched and retrieved from a yacht,” Hardman explains adding that each Seabreacher S utilizes AIS tracking making it more visible on passing traffic and the other safety upgrades for use in Europe.

Hardman told SB that a customised craft can be delivered in six months’ time from the moment a client places an order.

“In this crowded charter market, being distinct and out-of-the-ordinary will inevitably help your yacht stand out and win higher charter rates. Unique yacht toys can ensure that guests leave with lasting memories of unforgettable experiences. We are pleased to be able to bring the Seabreacher S, a toy unlike any other on the market, to our portfolio of ever-evolving toys,” Hardman concludes.