VG120 is a gyro stabiliser designed and manufactured by Veem in Australia. The unit is suitable for vessels ranging between 50 and 150 tonnes. The new unit delivers stabilising torque of up to 120kNm.

Australian manufacturer Veem has announced the sale of two VG120, its newest gyro stabiliser model. The contracts were signed at the Monaco Yacht Show 2016.

The VG120 is designed for superyachts between 50 and 150 tonnes and delivers stabilising torque of up to 120kNm. Veem claims this is up to 65% more stabilising torque than its competitors.

The VG120 uses multiple smart control algorithms to ensure optimal stability and operation in a wide range of conditions, including in rough seas and at high speeds.

A unit of Veem’s VG120 gyro stabiliser has just been installed on Anemeli, the 27m motoryacht currently under construction at Van der Valk shipyard in the Netherlands.

Under the direction of an experienced owner, the 27m yacht is being designed to exacting specifications, with the VG120 enabling greater stabilisation than previously available on a yacht of this size.