Wild Group, a provider of vinyl boat wrapping services, has signed a master distributorship agreement with ToughGuard, the manufacturer of water based nano-polymer with applications in the aviation and motor vehicle industries. Wild Group will distribute the product line in Europe and Florida, in the US.

Commenting on the agreement, Dan Reid, owner of ToughGuard in America, says: “We are heavily involved within the aircraft industry and have been looking for the right partner to open the door to the superyacht market. We’re looking forward to working with Greg and his team.”

ToughGuard has been tested and endorsed in the aviation industry, including approval by Boeing, Airbus and Raytheon. The product has been shown to have a 5-year life expectancy and significantly reduce cleaning time of the aircrafts and damage to paint due to general weather wear and tear, while also preserving the gloss finish, the company claims.

Greg Hoar, founder of Wild Group comments: “We discovered ToughGuard when we encountered challenges with soot on yachts after applying a vinyl wrap,”particularly charter yachts who have limited down time and spend a lot of time at anchor. ToughGuard, designed to help the finish of the yacht last longer, offering a glossier and smoother finish, while making it significantly easier to keep clean was found to be a great solution to this issue.”

Wild Group is currently applying ToughGuard to the hull of a painted 56m in Italy and has also applied it to a 68m earlier this year. The company aims to make ToughGuard standard to the yacht wrap services and to offer the service to painted yachts likewise.