amicoAmico & Co has revealed a new logo and marketing material that marks the completion of a period of renewal at the refit yard. A series of important investments have been made at the facility doubling its capacity and hugely increasing its potential turnover.

The new artwork remains faithful to the solid, historical identity of the company. The logo has been made more legible with a horizontal layout which which also permits univocal branding on all communication tools. The Amico family name is emphasised by the rectangle encapsulating the logo, which also draws attention to the importance of the partners and of the production network represented by the lettering & Co.

“Our new logo looks clear and consistent, absolutely in line with our company mission,” commented Alberto Amico, chairman of Amico & Co.

Amico & Co’s previous logo was created in 2006 and has served the company for almost a decade. During that period, the market in which Amico & Co operates has expanded radically – in 2005, just 6% of newly built yachts were longer than 60 metres but by 2013, this number had doubled. The fresh direction in communications aims to underline the Amico & Co brand’s core values of high specialisation and professionalism, whilst at the same time appraising the brand’s strong connotations with Italian excellence in the field of engineering, applied to the international yacht refit and repair market.

Amico’s new ad concept “Remade in Italy” was created by Italian communication agency Meloria and features a statue inspired by classical Italian sculpture – a universal example of professional artistry and beauty. Closer examination of the statue’s head reveals that over time half of the features have crumbled away, but is ready for reconstruction thanks to modern technology, symbolised by the reticulated motif. This image shows the blend of artisan expertise and engineering, craft and technology that is behind all these improvement works, carried out daily by Amico & Co over the last 24 years.

Amico & Co is on a tranjectory of serious improvement for 2015 and has already proved itself with constant growth and continuous investment in facilities and personnel for the last 20 years. In November 2014, Amico & Co inaugurated a new covered 102m dry-dock inside the yard which immediately went operative with a major order on an 85m yacht, undergoing extensive refitting and lengthening up to 93 metres.