By David Robinson

ART Marine, the Middle East’s largest yacht services group, is actively working on a dozen marina projects around the world currently. At least two in China, one in the Caribbean, one in Spain and a number in the UAE and Gulf area are ongoing.

This was confirmed to SB by Bruno Meier, COO of the ART Marine group, headquartered in Dubai. “We are very busy at present with several projects at different stages of development, some of which are confirmed and others we cannot talk about at the moment,” he said.

In terms of the ART Marine Destinations network he added: “We have 18 at the moment and we are currently talking with at least five others. Once the network reaches 20 or 25 marinas we want to established a dedicated website to add to the value of the members and develop closer contact.”

“We are planning to open new offices in 2015 in Qatar and Oman,” Gregor Stinner, ART Marine’s CEO, told SB. “I am not sure the time is right yet for Qatar but we are monitoring it. It is an unpredictable market and can change very quickly.” Reopening an office in Egypt is also on the agenda but no timing is set at present.

Another new development for the group will be the opening in Abu Dhabi of a luxury sales centre for all the Ferretti brands that ART markets throughout the Gulf region. “If this works well we will open other centres in the future,” Stinner added.