Atlantic Refit Center in La Rochelle (Copyright B. Henry)

Atlantic Refit Center in La Rochelle (Copyright B. Henry)

Atlantic Refit Center in France has been selected as the joint winning company with Eiffel Industries in the international “Your Atlantic Yachting Shipyard” competition. As a result, Atlantic Refit Center will be responsible for all the development of the refit business at the Shipbuilding and Repair centre at the Port of La Rochelle in France.

Launched in October 2013 by the Atlantic Port of La Rochelle, Atlantic Refit Center won the prize due to its major strengths in several different factors of their business, including its long-term strategic vision of the yachts over 70m, refit business with the end goal being to open out an industrial sector.

This project will be structured in stages, the first of them being planned to last five years and in particular includes the 176m long dry dock no.1, which is the larger of the two dry docks within the Atlantic Port of La Rochelle together with an adjacent boatyard; the repair space at Quai Camaret and on-site offices.

The Shipbuilding and Repair Centre will continue to host traditional ships in the dry dock No.2 and the adjacent boatyard.  It will also boost and generate huge business for the local companies already operating on the site.

Atlantic Refit Center gained solid experience and excellent references from several superyacht refit operations, including the 72-metre Skat, and Enigma (ex Norna).

Stephane Marcelli, managing director of Atlantic Refit Center, comments: “We are delighted to have won the WSA and to have been selected by Atlantic Port of La Rochelle to drive this development forward for the superyacht refit markets. Since 2006 we have shown our solid commitment to these markets in La Rochelle, and to have been selected firmly puts Atlantic Refit Center on the map for the superyacht refits and conversions.”