Australian studio Sedlmayer Associates Naval Architects presents the concept for a 200ft sailing catamaran featuring a 26.2m beam. This super-catamaran has been designed with a 1,700 sq m sail area and two sailing helm stations.


Spectrum 61 is a design concept for a 200ft sailing catamaran. The project comes from the drawing board of Australian studio Sedlmayer Associates Naval Architects. This super cat features a 26.2m beam providing enough space for a range of onboard amenities, including a THX theatre, entertainment areas, underwater viewing room, infinity pool and spa.

The yacht has been designed with bulbous bows engineered to provide the bulb geometry necessary for a sailing cat, with spray rails to suit the axe bow. These hydrodynamic features, the designers claim, have produced its distinct axe blade and associated bulb recess at each bow.

Propulsion package

Each hull is equipped with a 1850kW MTU 12V 4000 M71 main engine and mated with 1.8-metre CP feathering propellers and associated gears.

In addition, Spectrum 61 is set to carry 100kW Voith rim drive thrusters located in each hull near the bow.

Twin foil-rudders in each hull are configured to assure maximum turning efficiency when tacking. The designers say a speed of up to 20 knots is achievable under sail or power in optimum conditions.

Tank deck arrangement and capacities are tailored to suit individual owners’ requirements and cruising profile.

Spectrum 61

Spectrum 61 features mooring decks with fold-down sea doors

Crew quarters are included for a staff of 13. The design also considers crew recreation room, mess, crew galley, long-range dry stores and ship’s laundry located forward of the engine rooms.

Mooring decks with fold-down sea doors are arranged between crew deck and fore-peak, with thruster compartments below.

The foredeck has a structural wave-breaker beam, trampolines and the crossbow-forebeam with two one-tonne plough anchors in fairleads.

In addition 2.5m wide promenade deck runs all around the vessel so that groups can stroll side-by-side in conversation or jog around for laps. The designers note that eight laps are one kilometre.

The sailing deck carries a high-aspect-ratio ketch rig with Golden-Gate-clearance height, 1,700 sq m sail area, two sailing helm stations with polycarbonate canopies and various seating groups with all-around view.

Spectrum 61 is the largest design by the Queensland-based naval architect firm. Other yacht design concepts include Spectrum 52, a 38m and 50m passenger catamarans.