The Italian shipyard is set to invest €12m in operating facilities, human resources and research and development in the coming years up to 2020.

New Baglietto 44m

New Baglietto 44m by Francesco Paszkowski Design

Baglietto is to invest €12m in operating facilities, human resources and research and development in the coming years up to 2020. The Italian shipyard says a new line of yachts ranging 41m to 50m is in the drawing board as part of its expansion plan.

The investment follows on from the €20m the company has already spent over the last four years for the construction of two new industrial sheds and the upgrading of the entire production facility to the highest construction standards.

Further works at the shipyard will involve the immediate construction of an over 3,600sq m dock. The new infrastructure could be covered at a later stage.

Baglietto has also announced that it is considering the addition of an industrial shed for vessels up to 65m.

New models

The Italian shipyard said that the new line of yachts in the pipeline are in 41m, 44m and 50m.

Baglietto’s current product line comprises planing yachts built in  aluminium and a displacement line of yachts built in steel and aluminium  between 35m and 65m.

Projects in the pipeline

Initially, a semi-displacement, light aluminium alloy hull will be introduced, but Baglietto says a steel and light aluminium alloy displacement version is already being developed

Baglietto general manager Michele Gavino explains: “This new series is part of a far-reaching renovation process, which started off with the 46m Fast and aims at bringing the ‘seagull brand’ closer to market demands, while also preserving its strong personality and Baglietto’s unique style.

“We have asked two great designers to give shape to Baglietto’s future while never losing sight of the unbreakable bond with its history and its identity.”

Baglietto has teamed up with Francesco Paszkowski Design and Hot Lab for developing the new models. Hull engineering on these projects has been carried out by Baglietto engineering department.

The new line is based on the Baglietto 44m. The Italian shipyard says that responding to an increasingly widespread market demand the new yachts will feature a contemporary profile and vertical bow.

The aluminium model is expected to reach a speed of 20/22 knots and a range of 4,000 nautical miles whereas the draught in the steel hull version has been limited to less than 7ft in order to allow for cruising on shallow waters.

Baglietto says that an hybrid engine configuration will also be possible. Both platforms will be within 500gt.