Baltic Yachts in Jakobstad has launcswanhed the Wally 105, Nariida, after a nine month refit. She is the first completed refit project on a non Baltic Yacht built yacht.

The 32 m Nariida was built in 1994 and has always been considered ahead of her time. Over the last 20 years she has been used extensively, for both racing and cruising. Cosmetic wear and tear has been unavoidable, and renewal of surfaces has therefore been an important part of this refit project. This involved not only rig and hull paint and a new teak deck, but also a major replacement of teak veneer in the interior.

The yard has also made noticeable changes to Nariida’s interior, in order to make the yacht more suitable for its present use. This has involved in particular the galley, the navigation area and the owner’s cabin.

On the technical side, Baltic Yachts has improved the production and storage of electricity, by installing a new generator and upgraded and added to the battery banks. Many of the consumers have been changed as well, such as water heaters and cooling machinery. The later, in combination with building completely new freezers and fridges throughout. The goal has, among other things, been to dramatically increase the yacht’s ‘silent time’, i.e. the period, during full cruising mode, where generators can be shut off.