By David Robinson

A new service operating under a brand name of Dedicato is being launched by Benetti to provide its new owners with a full support package option during their first five years of ownership.

Speaking at the Singapore Yacht Show, Benetti’s chief commercial officer Fabio Ermetto said: “The new service is not a management service but it will provide owners with a full support service for the first five years. The owners will have to sign-up for the new service before they take delivery and they will pay a fixed fee. They have to agree to a five-year period and cannot take less. We have not yet decided if we will extend it beyond the five years.”

Newly appointed Asian general manager Luigi Adamo told SB: “This is a global service which provides owners with a full service package for the owner. It will help them with all areas like technical issues such as repairs and maintenance, registration and class. We will even hire the crew working in association with the owner.”

At the Singapore show Benetti is strongly emphasising its involvement in the Asian market, which it has operated in since 2011. “It is certainly a very important market for Benetti,” a statement said, “especially with the economy in APAC. We see a high potential out of this. Currently it accounts for 10% of Benetti’s global revenue. It is for that we are trying to invest more to develop the market.”

Following its participation at SYS, Benetti Asia is planning to exhibit at the SO! Dalian event in June, the Yachting Gala in Italy in late June, and at one of the two boat shows in Sanya in late November/early December. In addition it is proposing to hold the first Asian Yacht Master event at a date and location to be finalised.