BMT Nigel Gee, a subsidiary of the BMT Group, has announced the launch Project L3, its latest design, at the Monaco Yacht Show.

Project L3 will be launch at Monaco Yacht Show

BMT Nigel Gee’s Project L3

This Rob McPherson design is based around delivering an extreme of high speed and high volume, for which BMT’s semi-SWATH catamaran is ideal. The concept looks for an 85m vessel of 4200 GT in a design akin to a 100-110m monohull. Such space allows for entertainment and living areas similar to land based architecture.

Project L3 also includes some unique features such as the main accommodation opening straight onto the pool courtyard. The sundeck sports an open-air fire pit surrounded by generous loungers which give perfect viewing for the giant drop-down cinema screen. The large beam of the catamaran also allows for storage of a tender, an offshore racing cat and a two-man seaplane. Once deployed, these can be moored against a number of fold-down/extendable beach decks giving easy access to the water.

BMT Nigel Gee's Project L3

Project L3 is styled by McPherson Yacht Design

The builder says a number of propulsion options have been investigated from a conventional system for 20-knot performance to a hybrid CODAG system delivering over 40 knots. The semi-SWATH catamaran resulting from BMT’s development programmes in the naval and offshore industries provides a careful balance of advanced catamaran performance with the outstanding sea-keeping ability of a traditional SWATH.

James Roy, design director at BMT comments: “It is always refreshing to work on a design which challenges convention and to integrate technology developed in other markets, it will take a visionary client to realise the project.”


Project Chuan

Project Chuan

In addition, BMT Nigel Gee has announced that Project Chuan will be on display at the show. The new model results of the collaboration with Claydon Reeves and it has been developed from the experience the two companies have on the Oxygen project in 2012.

The new design features a re-evaluated style, layout and underlying technical platform, based on BMT’s Extreme Semi-SWATH (XSS) advanced catamaran hull-form.

James Claydon, director of Claydon Reeves, comments: “We returned to the catamaran platform for Chuan for the sheer volume it delivers. Throughout the yacht there are spaces of surprising size, be it the expansive foredeck or the huge open-plan galley and dining area.”

BMT’s XSS hull-form has now been fully proven in the demanding offshore energy industry where speed and sea-keeping ability are critical to operations. A second XSS is currently under construction in Holland with ever larger variants under design development at BMT’s Southampton based office.

BMT Nigel Gee is an independent design consultancy offering a vast portfolio of services for advanced and specialised ships and boats, from initial concept to detailed design.