Boksa 38m concept series

Boksa 38m concept series

Boska Marine Design in the US has released its Boksa 38 concept series, a yacht styling concept developed by naval architect Nick Boksa. The yacht styling concept aims to match the expectations and interests of a growing segment of potential yacht owners.

By creating a smaller series of luxury yacht concepts, Boksa Marine Design is hoping to bring the yachting experience to a group of younger, wealthier buyers who are ready to own their first custom designed yacht.

The 26m-38m (85ft-125ft) yacht range will allow owners to maintain a manageable crew and operating budget as well as travel to all corners of the world and dock at almost any marina.

“The American market is still more substantial than Europe and China in terms of potential buyers. The question has become how to appeal to these potential buyers, either welcoming them into the yachting lifestyle or extending their experience,” comments Nick Boksa.

The new Boksa 38 series can be fully customised to suit individual owner’s tastes. The designs are also scalable up to 76m (250ft), and can be matched with various general arrangements, interiors and the addition of yacht toys.

“The market share among the super wealthy yacht owners is still relatively low. Tremendous potential exists for both designers and builders to generate excitement in the experience of yachting and exploration,” concludes Boska.