The Brazilian government has approved a new tax for waterfront properties, Brazil’s marine magazine Nauta reports. The new regulation came into effect on January 1, 2014.

The new directive includes severe fines and even the demolition of the property if the owner fails to pay. The fee will be overseen by Brazil’s Union. Union is Brazil’s legal entity of public law with autonomy from the states.

The addition of the fee has tightened current marina legislation. Florianopolis-based lawyer Roberto Pugliese, who specialises in property law, told the magazine that “the paperwork for this type of marine infrastructure is cumbersome, and on the other hand the Port Authority does an efficient job supervising marinas.” Pugliese added that it is just a revenue-raising measure.

Leandro Ferrari, president of the Marinas Association of Santa Catarina in Brazil (Acatmar), told the press that “despite this, a measure to control marine infrastructure can contribute to the safety of the structures as well as further development.” He added that it is “essential to the professionalization of the nautical sector” but admitted “it is a burden for many”.