The Oceanic 140

Cantieri Navale di Ostia – Canados – has unveiled a new line of fast explorer yachts spanning from 90ft to 140ft (27.4m – 42.7m). The designs are the result of a close collaboration with the customers of the 66-year old  Italian yacht builder which has been closely studying the activity of the yacht market.

The designs are driven by a philosohy for large outdoor spaces, voluminous indoor spaces and the ability to carry large toys and tenders. It is aimed that the yachts will also perform to a high standard with the ability to navigate at economic speed with low fuel consumption, resulting in reduced overall operating costs.

To create the range, the shipyard developed a new hull shape named a “displanning” hull – a combination of the words ‘displacement’ and ‘planning’. The shipyard says the “displanning” hull concept offers the best of both displacement and semi-planning configurations, more specifically displacement at speeds under 14-knots and semi-planning above that speed. In general, displacement speeds offer low consumption and longer range, while semi-planning offers higher performance.


The Oceanic 90

For propulsion the entry-level Oceanic Yachts 90’ is available in a diesel version with two Caterpillar C32 Acert engines coupled to conventional straight shafts (STS model). The hull design incorporates twin steps that significantly reduce the hydrodynamic resistance at cruising speed (24 knots) and produces a top speed of 27/28 knots.

In the diesel electic version, the 90′ can run either on its two Caterpillar engines coupled to Fortjes pods with counter rotating propellers for speeds up to 28 knots or, alternately, on its two electric motors powered by generators.

The second Oceanic Yachts model that will be launched, the 140, features a superstructure made of Aramat, a state-of-the-art material employed in aeronautics, an exceptionally light and strong combination. The 140’s power is provided by three MTU 16V2000 M94 engines, each producing 2,600hp. Two additional 120 kW Auxilia electric motors allow her to navigate in diesel- electric configuration at 8.5-knots with less than 50 litres per hour of fuel consumption. This yacht can be also run on conventional diesel power up to 28 knots.