CMC Marine has prevailed in a patent dispute over its electric fin stabilisers. The company issued a statement saying that the European Patent Office has issued a final verdict that rejects the appeals filed by competitors to the patent claims.

“This verdict recognises at an institutional level the uniqueness of the Stabilis Electra technology,” said the statement, adding that the fin stabiliser with electrical actuator cannot be replicated by any other company.

The ruling was made on October 8, 2015 at the EPO headquarters in Munich. The EPO had a hearing on the patent dispute in April, following an appeal by marine stabilising companies Abt-Trac, Quantum Control BV, Sleipner Motor AS and Naiad.

“The appeal verdict follows and confirms the earlier Board decision that ended the first opposition meeting held in April 2014, leaving no room for doubt and further justifying the proper patent release,” said CMC in the statement.

CMC Marine is now officially the only company that can manufacture and sell electric fin stabilisers that contain the specific kind of technology developed by the company.

“This verdict, coming from the highest European patent authority, definitively entitling us with the patent for the electric fin stabiliser invention, is a further confirmation that when in 2008 we began producing the first prototypes, we were actually following the right vision,” said Alessandro Cappiello, CMC Marine CEO, in the statement.

“Above all it confirms what the market had already decreed: Stabilis Electra is a powerful invention that has revolutionised a niche market such as the marine stabilisation systems.”