COUACH-5000-FLY-BELONGERS_1Couach shipyard has delivered its second 50 metre yacht following a series of intensive sea trials which the yard says have delivered impressive results that clearly exceed market standards.

Couch says the innovative aspect of the new yacht is the level of comfort it obtains thanks to SilentCab and VRS (Vibration Reduction System) technology.

Faced with a particularly demanding owner, Couach has completely revisited the design of its first 5000 FLY vessel, La Pellegrina, to meet the level of comfort required (in terms of noise and vibrations), both moored and at sea.

Developed by Couach’s R&D department following an exhaustive study carried out in conjunction with the Van Kapelen acoustics expertise agency, the exclusive suspension system SilentCab consists of disengaging the cabins from the source of vibrations. The cabins are isolated from the noises and vibrations caused particularly by the generators and engines.

Additionally, the VRSTM (Vibration Reduction System) complements SilentCab by providing an adequate and systematic response to vibrations generated by all the onboard systems.

With just 42 db at 12 knots, the noise levels in the owner’s cabin are well below those of the quietest luxury sedan car. When moored, levels drop to 35 db; comparable with the sound of wind rustling through the trees – and keeping the most demanding of owners happy.