CRNCRN has unveiled two new projects by Francesco Paszkowski Design. Whilst they draw inpiration from 61m Saramour, these new 72m and 80m yachts will offer much larger volumes and more innovative architectural solutions.

Saramour was our first opportunity to cooperate with a prestigious shipyard like CRN and was a drive for us to jointly develop new, innovative ideas,”  comments Francesco Paszkowski. “These two projects are a natural evolution of the stylistic features of their 61m predecessor and the result of a deep analysis and an extensive research aimed at finding the perfect balance between outdoor and interior spaces”.

The design philosophy that lies behind the creation of the two new superyachts is based upon three founding principles: increasingly slender lines that result a very light silhouette; rounded shapes making the yacht generally more compact; and an extensive use of linear glazed surfaces as well as see-through balconies, which eliminate any barriers between the yacht and the water, air, nature.

“We are currently working on many new projects. With these two by Francesco Paszkowski, in particular, CRN is aiming to prove once more its flexibility and constant focus on aesthetic, functional, and technical innovation”, comments CRN’s Chairman and CEO Lamberto Tacoli. “Together with Francesco we therefore want to widen CRN’s offer in terms of design, with projects that will turn into timeless superyachts characterised by huge interior volumes, which will be immediately recognisable across the globe”.