Netherlands based De Keizer Marine Engineering has released details of its hybrid power management package for superyachts. Branded as DekaSmartGrid, the system has recently concluded a successful three year trial period on one of the company’s client’s yachts, and will shortly be featured on the company’s stand at the Electric & Hybrid Marine World Exhibition in Amsterdam from 24 to 26 June.

In an interview with Superyacht Business, De Keizer’s general manager Han Buckx explained; “Superyachts use generators that rarely work to their best in a conventional set up. The DekaSmartGrid ensures that they are used more efficiently, and that any surplus power generated is stored in batteries for use later. Quite simply the solution consists of technology and software that is designed to fully optimise the use of power onboard.

It’s a well known fact that generators perform best when run at 70% of their load capacity, and that ‘underloading’ leads to problems such as internal glazing of cylinder walls, carbon build up, smoking and clogged injectors. Conventional solutions that have been used to balance the power output and achieve optimal loading have resulted in high fuel costs due to wasted energy which could not be stored, and also costly unplanned maintenance.

The system developed by De Keizer overcomes these shortfalls with the use of an integrated set of automatically controlled components which can be easily retro-fitted to any yacht’s power system.  It functions as a load bank, peak shaving and silent period system, and for instance when owners or guests are swimming there will be no generator noise.

Consisting of a supplementary battery bank and an inverter activated by a custom built control unit, the DekaSmartGrid ensures that the yacht’s generators are used more efficiently, and that any surplus power generated is stored in batteries for use later. This results in lower fuel consumption, while the generators will not suffer from the build-up of soot, thus enhancing their performance and extending their lifespan.

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    De Keizer launches DekaSmartGrid hybrid power management system