Dörries Yachts has presented a prdorrieseliminary design for a luxury “river yacht”, the idea being prompted by a recent enquiry.

A range of these river yachts, including 60m, 70m and 85m in length, are being designed in collaboration with H2 Yacht Design, who also have developed an interior design concept.

Noteworthy technical highlights of the 85m vessels are:

An impressive 2600 GT, both a drive and float-in tender garage, a 15m x 3m heated indoor/outdoor pool as well as a large helicopter deck.

Finally, since the design is based on rules that will allow for save navigation in coastal waters, the dorries2owner will be able to extend the vessels 5500km range way beyond inland waterways.

The yacht’s navigational scope will, of course, be restricted by the size of locks and height of bridges.