ZEELANDDutch yacht-builder Zeelander recently added to its smaller yacht range but is also entering the superyacht market with plans to build a 50m (164ft) Z164 explorer vessel that will be officially unveiled in Monaco next week.

All Zeelander yachts are designed by Cor D Rover and the main focus at the Cannes show was on the new 16.8m (55ft) Z55, which fits in the middle of the existing 13.4m (44ft) Z44 and the 20.7m (68ft) Z68. The Z55 was developed to provide customers with a larger yacht than the 44. A number of the new Z55s have been sold, including to owners in the US and Middle East.

The plan to build the 50m came about after the owner of the company, Sietse Koopmans, bought a 37m yacht and spent three-and-a-half years going round the world. The 50m is designed to improve all the things he found wrong and to provide a low-cost ownership explorer yacht option.

Vripak helped with the design and the vessel will be powered by electric pods using one generator. The new yacht for Koopmans will be completed next year. The yard in the Netherlands can build up to 50m and employs some 60 people plus subcontractors.

The 50m will have the running costs of a 30m (98.5ft) yacht. All aspects of the yacht’s construction have been taken into consideration, including HVAC systems, generators, engines, grey water, cleaning processes for the yacht and down to the smallest light bulb. Every facet of the yacht has been engineered to reduce the environment impact and reduce overall running costs.