Energy Solution, a UK distributor and manufacturer of electrical power products, has opened a testing facility for yard where boatbuilders can take data logged from boats in the field and then replicate the loads through a programmable loadbank.

The loadbank will apply steps in 100 watt steps from 0 to 300 kW in a repeatable way so that fuel use and running hours can be trialled with different system components to achieve the blend of power sources and silent running times that you are looking for.

The testing facility has advanced fuel flow monitoring as well as the programmable loadbank and 30 kW of DC to AC conversion equipment ensuring complete and thorough testing.

The company says in a statement that it is already working with UK clients to mimic real life information and demonstrate to end-customers the potential benefits of various stages of Hybrid set-up. “This consultancy and testing facility is unique and provides a significant extra dimension to the product distribution and system design capabilities that customers know us for,” reads a statement.

The new testing facility has been developed in response to a sharp increase in interest in hybrid power solutions. The appetite of customers, the company says, is to really integrate these systems to achieve notable fuel savings, lower generator running hours and, as a by-product of these, lower emissions.