French multihull design specialist Blue Coast Yachts creates a 60m and 80m hybrid-powered trimaran for clients. Construction of BCY 60M is set to commence in September 2016 at Latitude Yachts shipyard, Blue Coast's construction partner in Latvia.

Blue Coast 60M Power Trimaran_sbJean-Jacques Coste, naval architect and president of multihull specialist Blue Coast Yachts, has revealed details, exclusively to Superyacht Business, of a 60m and 80m hybrid-powered trimaran. These are the latest projects that his company has custom-designed for clients and follow on from the development of Galaxy, the twin 53m super trimaran built by Latitude Yachts, Blue Coast Yachts construction partner.

The Blue Coast 60m (BCY 60M) hybrid power trimaran is an upgraded version of the Galaxy. She is built in composite glass/carbon with additional electric engines and a more voluminous interior. She has been designed to accommodate 12 guests and a crew of eight.

Commenting on the project, Coste says: “The owner of the 60m is asking for some modification and this should be done in a couple of weeks. We plan to start the building process in September. Building time for thi 60m project is under 24 months.”

The Blue Coast 80m (BCY 80M) is currently under study for a US customer and will feature a full diesel electric propulsion system. Her design offers four decks including one private for the owner, a helipad and a beach club. This trimaran is built in aluminium.

“We are creating this project following the demand of our client who wants a vessel bigger than the 60m,” Coste explains, adding that his team has validated the conceptual phase, however the project is still in the preliminary design stage with discussion on the layout and main options with the owner.

“Thanks to the width of the yacht we have a lot of freedom and we are offering many options of space planning to our client. We plan to start the construction first quarter of 2017,” Coste confirms.


The yacht has been designed to accommodate up to twelve guests and a crew of eight

Cruising performance

All Blue Coast Yachts are designed by Coste Design & Partners, the brand’s design office. Jean-Jacques Coste founded the naval architecture and yacht design firm in 1995 and since then it has not only launched the Blue Coast Yachts brand but also developed a signature concept for multihull design.

The new Blue Coast Yachts trimarans, like the two Galaxy, require much less energy for going at same speed than a monohull of same length. Several parameters allows for this, including the multihull configuration itself, which “naturally” offers less drag than monohull.

Other key factors are the hull design, which is the outcome of long and extensive studies of yachts up to 150m, and the patented Wing effect at high speed that lifts the boat reducing fuel consumption.

BYC 60M and BCY 80M benefit of the above features. The main advantage of Blue Coast’s power trimaran concept is the sea keeping capabilities in rough condition. In addition, the vessels are designed to provide “a very high safety and unmatchable comfort”, Coste claims.


Blue Coast Yachts offers five different colour option for the exterior

Hybrid power

In addition to the conventional propulsion system with diesel engines, Blue Coast Yachts trimarans are equipped with electric engines and control management system located in the outriggers coupled to retractable propellers.

BCY 60M is equipped with two fully electric engines integrated in each outriggers for a complete silent navigation during several hours under batteries power. The low drag and efficiency of her hulls allow the BCY 60M to cruise at 8 knots in a total silent mode.

“These electric engines can be powered by the generators or can run through their dedicated battery pack for a total silent mode,” Coste explains. “The performance under electric propulsion is result of the tension and capacity of the batteries and is specified following the owner wishes,” he notes.

In addition, Jean–Jacques Coste explains that if the electric engines are powered by the generators, the vessel has limitless time of operation due to significant tank capacity. “When the yacht is conventionally running under the diesel engines, the retractable shafts and propellers are inside the outriggers and don’t interfere the water flow at high speed,” he notes.

The main diesel engines onboard BCY 60M offer a top speed of 30 knots with capability to be transatlantic at low cruising speed.

BCY 60M interior

The owners suite is forward of the main deck with a generous bathroom and expansive walk-in wardrobes

Headquartered in Cannes, Blue Coast Yachts has explored the power trimaran configuration since its inception. “Sharing works and ideas with naval architecture Gilles Vaton who is collaborating with our design office, we have received a strong interest from our clients on our concept of Hybrid Power Trimaran,” Coste told SB.