La Ciotat-Semidep, the French company in charge with the economic development and management of La Ciotat Shipyards, has issued a call for projects for the operation of a 200x60m dry dock for refit and repair. The successful investor will be granted the operation for a maximum period of 35 months. The public tender ends on 29th April 2016.

“We want to select the company before summer and we expect the dry dock to enter operation in November,” Jean Yves Saussol, CEO of La Ciotat-Semidep, told Superyacht Business. “We are looking for a company with a solid business plan for the operation of the dock. On that basis, the 35-month period for the operation of this facility has been defined to be a trial period for the company to demonstrate that they understand the business,” he added.

A public company, La Ciotat Shipyard manages an area of 34ha. The site is a leading Mediterranean marine cluster that specialises in superyacht refit and repair. There are 37  superyacht service providers on the site, including Monaco Marine and Compositeworks, to name but a few.

Only half of the shipyard is currently in operation. This tender is part of a development plan that seeks to boost local employment and business development in the area.

La Ciotat Shipyards boasts a 1,400m quay for berthing currently in operation and Saussol revealed to SB that the company plans to expand to a further 216m.

The superyacht platform that operates at the site since 2007 is equipped with a shiplift of 2,000-ton capacity and a travel lift of 300 tons. Other facilities available at La Ciotat includes cranes ranging 20-660 ton capacity.

Jean Yves Saussol has been at the helm of La Ciotat-Semidep

Jean Yves Saussol has been at the helm of La Ciotat-Semidep for the last seven months

“We have seen that the refit and repair activity is growing at a steady pace,” Saussol comments. “However, we are not growing enough and we could do better,” he notes. “We have approximately 15ha of spare facilities and our strategy for growth is to establish public-private partnerships to boost development in the La Ciotat,” he adds.

Other plans in the pipeline include the construction of accommodation and amenities for superyacht crew. “We are at the heart of the Provence area and we’re not making use of the potential of this great location,” Saussol concludes.

Jean Yves Saussol has been at the helm of La Ciotat-Semidep for the last seven months. Prior to joining the company he served as manager of the sports department in Paris.