Following on the disclosure of The Belafonte — a 164ft superyacht made out of Bronze — a few months ago, the Milan-based design firm Federico Fiorentino has teamed up with Dutch naval architecture firm van Oossanen in a move to take the concept a step further.

Director Perry van Oossanen invested time and resources in a preliminary study on The Belafonte as the yacht was perfectly suited to being coupled with the revolutionary Fast Displacement Hull Form (FDHF).

The numbers from the study on The Belafonte are typical of those found on the FDHF patent, which, as it is well known today by the majority of people in the yacht business, can grant performance improvements of up to 30% in displacement speed ranges and up to 20% in semi- displacement speed ranges.

Besides the advantage of a flashy top speed of up to 30ks and more, the significant fuel savings obtainable with the FDHF patent at lower speeds make it possible to turn The Belafonte into a transatlantic yacht at 13ks and push it beyond the transpacific barrier at 9ks. Not a speed for ‘every day commuting’ but still a playable card if desired and requested.

The excellent performance results of the FDHF make it highly possible for the aggressive looking superyacht to be able to turn into a modern, huge high performance Mediterranean power craft one day, and into a long-range tool suitable to cruise the whole globe the next.

This is a significant step forward for The Belafonte project and for what may be the first of other future collaborations between van Oossanen Naval Architecture and Federico Fiorentino design firm.