Oceanic Yachts 140

Oceanic Yachts 140

Cantieri Navale di Ostia (Canados) has announced that hull # 1 of its Oceanic Yachts 140ft (42m) has been sold.

The first Oceanic 140ft is a DiElec version. The lamination of the hull has already been completed with the superstructure and delivery is scheduled for very early 2015. The yard has plans to display the vessel at the 2015 boat shows.

Unveiled in November last year, the Oceanic 140 features a superstructure entirely made of Kevlar/Aramat, material employed in aeronautics that provides substantial gains in weight and strength.

DiElec stands for Diesel-Electric and it’s Canados’ innovation of the Oceanic range. In this version, the yacht can run either on its three MTU engines for speeds up to 27kt or, alternately, on its two 120 kW electric motors powered by generators at 8.5kt.

The hull concept for the Oceanic 140 has been conceived by Arrabito Naval Design in collaboration with shipyard’s chief naval Architect Giovanni Senatore. The twin-stepped hull reduces friction and increases low speed performance and stability, thanks to a specifically designed bulb tank tested at the Italian Naval Institute.

The interiors of the Oceanic 140 hull #1 are designed by Rome based designer Michela Reverberi.