IMSJust nine months after the start of building work, IMS Shipyard, based in the South of France, has announced that the first yacht has just been successfully hauled out of the water by the new travelift on the IMS 700 site; on the 10th of December, five days ahead of schedule.

The site intended for yacht refit, repair and maintenance, is designed to cater for yachts from 20 to 80 metres, and will boast an unrivalled capacity in terms of numbers in the Mediterranean. The two sites together, IMS 300 and IMS 700, will be able to accommodate up to 100 yachts simultaneously.

Culmination of an epic project

A huge amount of work has been carried out and continues on the site, with 2,700 cubic metres of earth removed and reused, close to 8,000 tonnes of asphalt laid on the hard-standing area and nearly 8km of cable sheaths for the cables.

“80 people working full time on the site, i.e. 20,000 working hours until the completion of the shipyard and we are doubling our in-house staff. This is a rare and extremely stimulating development project for all of us. We are proud to have successfully completed the first stage of the challenge. I would like to thank the members of our teams and those at Eiffage. This is just the beginning!”comments Denis Pellegrino, President of IMS Shipyard.

Haul-outs will be taking place throughout next week, taking up to 12 yachts. This is a partial opening of the site to satisfy demand while we finish the last phase of the works explains Denis Pellegrino.

The shipyard will be fully completed and the site will be inaugurated for full capacity opening at the end of March.