For the first time ever in the superyacht industry, Cerion’s product GO2, the DAME award winning nanoparticle-based fuel additive, has been granted Type Approval from RINA, a leading ship classification society.

RINA has certified that fuel correctly dosed with GO2 remains in full compliance with the detailed fuel standards set forth by MTU and Caterpillar. Compliance with these standards is required in order to maintain a yacht’s engine warranty. GO2 was also determined to be in full compliance with the more general ASTM fuel standards used by other engine manufacturers.

Richard Franklin, managing director of GO2 Global Yachting, which handles worldwide sales and marketing of GO2 says, “We heard captains and chief engineers loud and clear when they told us that the approval of a leading classification society was an important part of their decision making process for using GO2. For this reason, we asked RINA to work with the South West Research Institute in the US to undertake an extensive test programme covering [34] individual fuel test parameters established by MTU, Caterpillar and ASTM. Fuel treated with GO2 passed all [34] tests with flying colours. We are confident that this will encourage many more yachts to start using GO2, joining the large fleet of GO2 users currently enjoying less soot, cleaner hulls and better fuel economy.”