Grace E

Grace E, the new 73m (240ft) Picchiotti motoryacht, and the third of the Vitruvius series sold by the Perini Navi Group, has achieved excellent results in all of the tests scheduled for her sea trails: range, maximum speed, fuel and power consumption, Dynamic Positioning system. Her quietness and lack of vibration have especially pleased the technicians aboard.

Grace E has a different diesel-electric propulsion system to her predecessors Exuma and Galileo G, an advanced system that runs on two Azipods, electronically activated propellers mounted on a guidable support. Yacht captain Eddie Cooney comments: “Recent sea trials have confirmed that the use of electrical Azipods for the propulsion of Grace E has made for exceptional quietness and comfort while navigating. This result is due to the fact that the yacht does not have traditional shafts but a system that does not create propeller noise. There is little evidence that the boat is underway unless you are looking out the windows and actually witnessing the changing landscape. We expect that this will be a very much appreciated asset to guests cruising aboard.”

Tests on her Dynamic Positioning system have confirmed that the yacht can maintain her position on the water even in rough conditions.


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