By David Robinson

The strong ties between leading UAE yacht-builder Gulf Craft and its consistent support for the Dubai International Boat Show (DIBS) for more than 20 years were emphasised in a press briefing today.

Erwin Bamps, Gulf Craft’s COO, said: “I see a change in the perception of both Dubai and of Gulf Craft. Dubai’s economy is now strong and also more sustainable. With our listing as No 10 in the world’s biggest yacht-builders (ShowBoats International’s over 24m listing), I feel that people are taking us more seriously and we are also becoming increasingly known for our innovative approach.

“We build for customers no matter the size and the only yachts we build without buyers are those we exhibit at shows,” Bamps told SB. “Basically we do not accept that anything cannot be done. We question everything, which is refreshing and it is a feature we are becoming more and more known and accepted for.”

“One yacht which is an exception at present is the Majesty 155 which, at 47m (155ft), is the company’s largest project and due to be completed in the second quarter of 2015,” Bamps explained. “We are developing a full 50m (164ft), but it has been put on hold because we have been working on our middle-range craft such as the Majesty 48 and the Silvercraft 56, which are being launched here. The 50m-plus plan is a work in progress.”

This development will include Gulf Craft’s fifth shipyard in the UAE, but no further details are available at present.

The Majesty 48 is the main global launch at DIBS. The company is also showing its Majesty 135, Majesty 121, Majesty 105, Majesty 75 and the new Waveshuttle 56, amongst others.