ICOMIA, the International Council of Marine Industry Associations, has published a new and improved Global Environmental Legislation Guide.

Prepared by ICOMIA environment consultant Albert Willemsen, the updated guide outlines the latest environmental legislation affecting the EU, US, Asia and Australia plus international organisations such as IMO as well as the UN Convention on Biological Diversity and international approaches related to styrene.

The guide explains what the legislation is; why it has been imposed; when it will take effect; who it may affect and how it may affect them. It also provides user-friendly guidance and is suitable for a non-technical reader wishing to learn about environmental legislation affecting their business activities.

Hyperlinks, highlighted within the chapters, direct readers to more detailed explanations and further reading if a particular legislation is of particular interest.

Members of ICOMIA, and their members, have free access to the guide as a part of their membership. It is also available to non-members as a 12-month subscription for €300.

To subscribe to the ICOMIA Global Environmental Legislation Guide, visit www.icomia.org.