By Mike Derrett

The organisers of the Phuket Yacht Charter Show have announced the postponement of the first edition which was scheduled to take place 12-15 February 2015 in the Phuket Yacht Haven Marina in Thailand. In a joint statement, the Phuket Yacht Haven and the show organisers Singapore-based 3L events, announced that it would postpone the opening of the show to later in 2015 due to the possibility of increased support for the event from the Thai Government, who recently announced that it intends to promote Phuket as an international yachting hub.

Andy Treadwell, managing director of organisers 3L Events, explained: “My team and the Yacht Haven Marina management have both worked really hard to get the show launched this year. It’s a massive project, and a highly significant one for yachting in Asia, but we all agree that it would be better to delay until conditions are perfect. What is important to note has been the interest the event’s launch has sparked in the industry – we can see it’s going to become a key event, and a real catalyst for the development of the yachting industry. It’s also exciting to have had a positive reaction from the Thai Government – this could give a serious boost to the industry worldwide”.

Jean Phataraprasit, of Phuket Yacht Haven Marina added: “We are delighted that there seems to be a lot of positive interest about yachting tourism and support for these initiatives coming from the government of Thailand. It’s fundamental to the important investment we have made in this project that Phuket remains the superyacht hub for Asia. We’re excited that the marina at the Yacht Haven, with its new clubhouse, and the international-scale show that is planned for later in the year will be at the forefront of development of the yachting industry here.”

Despite the postponement of the Phuket Yacht Charter Show the industry in the region will still have the Asia Pacific Yachting Conference and the Singapore Yacht Show which run consecutively from April 21-26 April in the Singapore One 15 marina venue.