Indonesia’s newly elected government is preparing measures to develop the cruise and yacht-tourism industries in an attempt to double the number of foreign visitors entering the country to 20 million within five years, reports the Jakarta Post.

According to the paper, the government will expedite permitting for yachts wanting to enter the country’s ports, from taking weeks to taking one day only, through an online one-stop service protocol. Plans are also underway to lengthen the current six-month yacht permit to a period of one year with multiple entries.

The move is in recognition of the potential of the country’s marine sector to become a key driver of the economy and to create jobs.

“We think it is important to increase the number of tourists from cruises and yachts because these tourists are mostly people with very strong purchasing power and we have all the resources to actually lure them to visit the country,” Esthy Reko Astuti, marketing director general from the Tourism Ministry, told the Jakarta Post.

The Indonesian government says it expects the number of incoming yachts to double to 1,500 after the policy is implemented next year.