Federico Fiorentino and Marijana Radovic of m2atelier have pencilled the 23m vessel. This futuristic-looking tender is conceived as a private jet of the sea and intended for a first class experience.

Endeavour 23m_1_sb

‘Endeavour’ is a 23m super tender limousine conceived as a private jet of the sea

Federico Fiorentino and Marijana Radovic of m2atelier have joined forces to create Endeavour, a 23m tender limousine which they claim is the fastest and most exclusive vessel for superyachts.

The yacht designer say Endeavour is conceived as a private jet of the sea, intended for a first class experience. She accommodates up to six guests.

“This water limousine recalls a “private jet” not only for the particular interior configuration but also for its performance,” Fiorentino and Radovic say in a joint a statement.

Endeavour is designed to reach a top speed in excess of 50 knots depending on the engine configuration. The designers say she could even be equipped with twin jet turbines and surface drives in order to achieve extreme performance.

The idea behind Endeavour is to provide the ideal tender for reaching the mother yacht or for transfer services through private islands, airports, hotels and villas in a fast, comfortable and protected way.

Endeavour 23m_2_sb

The 23 tender limousine accommodates up to six guests

Federico Fiorentino has translated this concept into a clean and powerful design with balanced proportions, sinuous surfaces and a very aerodynamic silhouette. All together gives Endeavour an elegant and unique look.

Her exteriors are characterized by a light bronze/gold livery blended with mahogany accents and stainless steel details.

The interior concept is also elegant, sophisticated and at the same time simple and timeless.

Smart glass partitions are designed to divide the cockpit area from the guest lounge, giving the opportunity to maintain the view in navigation, as well as privacy when needed.

Endeavour features a fully functional day head and a bar. A separate crew area is located in the front with a separate crew head, a luggage compartment and a futuristic looking cockpit.

Endeavour 23m_3_sb

First class inspired armchairs recline and rotate converting the guest lounge area into a conference room