Kongsberg, the Norwegian electronics manufacturer, says is new digital tool provides a number of benefit to superyacht owners, including conditioning monitoring and remote support.

Kongsberg Maritime has launched Kognifai, an open and collaborative digital platform that improves integration between information technology and operational technology to accelerate business transformation. The system achieves this by placing a world-class portfolio of applications into “the cloud”.

According to Olivier Cadet, executive vice president of products and services for Kongsberg, the new tool provides a number of benefit to superyacht owners, including conditioning monitoring and remote support.

“The Kognifai digital platform enables the use of predictive data analysis applied to equipment condition monitoring. With these types of Applications (Apps), we are able to migrate away from time-based scheduled maintenance of equipment onboard and go to condition based maintenance.  This saves time and optimises maintenance costs,” Cadet told SB.

Olivier Cadet

Olivier Cadet says the uses of Kongfai provides time savings and optimises maintenance costs

Digital value chain

Since 2014, different business units within Kongsberg have merged their technology, knowledge, and effort to create Kognifai.

Kognifai has been designed to enable value creation for Kongsberg customers throughout the digital value chain. It is an all-encompassing and open digital ecosystem for users to collect, store, analyze, and apply the data they generate using Kongsberg and third-party systems.

It is also an expert platform for development of new data-centric applications, a single portal to access vital solutions developed by Kongsberg and uniquely, certified third-party developers.

Cadet explains that Kognifai digital platform enables remote support of equipment onboard. “This is clearly a stepping stone towards autonomy,” he says.

“The focus today is on providing crew onboard better support from shore. This includes having the ability to remote into control systems, providing operational advisory services and performing benchmarking analysis onshore. This can be used for troubleshooting or to provide better information for the crew to make better decisions. Advanced analytics such as machine learning or artificial intelligence support this objective,” he concludes.

Kongsberg is one of the world’s largest maritime electronics manufacturers.