Lantic has again upgraded its entertainment and service functionality in reaction to the continual requests and feedback it receives from its clients.

The newly-released Software Suite 2.9 – available to existing owners of current-generation Lantic systems as well as new clients – reflects trends seen in the wider marketplace as well as in luxury yachting. The list of new capabilities and system enhancements is extensive, but the key innovations are as follows:


Bespoke RC1 remote controls available in any language

Lantic has created operating systems in languages /scripts other than English /Latin that are now a permanent feature. Earlier this year Lantic announced that it was the first to develop the ability for a user to switch instantly between Latin and Cyrillic, and this is now fully integrated into Suite 2.9. The work done there opens the door for more scripts to be added according to future demand. Also accessible via the on-screen interface and the RC20 control app for smartphones and tablets, Lantic is also making its iconic bespoke RC1 remote controls available in any language.

Screen shot 2014-04-25 at 12.05.49

Wine list in an onboard intranet

Lantic is also committed to ongoing simplification. In suite 2.9 it is dispensing with the need for keyboards and mice for internet and email access. This can now all be done via the Lantic RC20 app on smart devices. The result is less clutter above and below decks and much greater convenience.

Another client-led innovation has been the development of easy-to use on-board intranets. Suite 2.9 allows users to view information generated in real-time by the crew at the touch of a screen. Popular applications include the uploading of daily menus, wine lists, itineraries and safety information. The crew access a simple interface to input the data while guests can browse choices and upcoming events at their leisure from anywhere on board. It’s simple yet very effective.

Further additions in suite 2.9 include access from the RC20 smart device app of the public playlist (effectively a private on-board radio station uploaded by the crew to suit any event or preference), personalised CCTV access camera-by-camera for individual zones and users, and full Apple TV integration. This is all managed within a highly stable and reliable platform with an integrated IP platform that makes configuration fast and avoids issues of conflicting software and the system crashes that often accompany them.