The Maldives government has introduced new regulations for foreign yachts visiting the islands.

Sea-Alliance Group Maldives, together with Maldives Yacht Support director Ahmed Abdulla Afeef, assisted the government in drafting the new regulations.

Previously, foreign yachts were only permitted to stay in the island for 90 days, making it highly restrictive for charter yachts wanting to enjoy the season cruising.

Under the new regulations foreign yachts that are registered under IMO can now stay up to 270 days, while those not IMO registered are permitted stay up to 180 days.

Sea-Alliance Group says it is keen to promote the Maldives and encourage its charter vessels and customers to enjoy this cruising area.

Abdulla Waheed, director of Sea-Alliance Group Maldives, says: “We would like to congratulate Ahmed on his hard work drafting these regulations and the successful negotiations with the Maldives government which have opened up the islands for serious charter cruising and not just for Sea-Alliance Group customers but everyone operating in the region.”

The regulations came into effect in February, opening up the region for superyachts that can operate out of Maldives.