MarQuip is currently developing diesel electric propulsion systems for two significant 100m+ projects currently underway. Among their many benefits, diesel electric propulsion systems allow the yachts achieve an efficient load through selective use of the correct number of generators.

The company has devised custom exhaust sytems for these two very different projects. On yachts of this size there are several considerations to make to ensure that the correct system is in place. “With diesel electric propulsion, choosing the correct position for exhausting the gases becomes even more important due to the sheer volume of gases in  use,” explains general manager Dennis Bravenboer.

Project One will utilise a more traditional set up, with each generator equipped with a soot particle filter system and a single outlet up the mast. A specially designed middle-low frequency silencer will be placed inside the engine room, taking into account the high-frequency noise reduction capabilities of the filter element. Between these systems they will provide noise attenuation of over 35 dB(A) with minimal space impact onboard.

Project Two is even more customised, with three different outlets to choose from. Design considerations meant space limitations for the exhaust ducting, leading to a different approach to installation. The first option is an above water hull outlet to be used when wind directions make use of the mast outlet unfavourable or there is insufficient yacht speed for use of the underwater exhaust system. The second choice is an underwater outlet for use when the yacht is underway. The third option, as with Project One, is a mast outlet with soot filtration for use when the yacht is in harbour or guests are swimming. This mast outlet is particulalarly unique as it pairs the generators, with the connection of the systems close to the engine to ensure minimal loss of exhaust heat prior to entering the filtration system.