01_MarQuip_CombiClean_IMO_Tier_IIIDuring the recent Monaco Yacht Show MarQuip launched the CombiClean Exhaust System. It will comply with the IMO Tier III emission regulations which come into force after January 1st 2016.

The IMO Tier III regulations will see a 74% reduction in nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions compared to Tier II levels, and vessels with a keel-laid date on or after January 1, 2016 that travel in NOx Emission Control Areas (ECA) will require IMO Tier III certified engines. These restrictions will apply to designated areas such as the North American ECA, Caribbean ECA and the Baltic Sea which are all extremely popular destinations for yachting. When these vessels travel outside of NOx ECAs, IMO Tier II regulations will apply.

To conform with these new regulations the CombiClean exhaust system is an innovative solution that combines a Particle Diesel Burner, silencer/muffler for noise level compliance and, if requested, a Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) unit and heat exchanger. According to many marine engine manufacturers, if conventional fuel is utilised, compliance with the new IMO Tier III regulations cannot be solely achieved within the engine itself. Instead, post-treatment of the exhaust gases will be the principal answer.

This is where MarQuip’s research and development has been focused, and with the 02_MarQuip_CombiClean_IMO_Tier_IIIassistance of long term partners they have found an innovative way to combine several systems to get their clients Tier III ready. The CombiClean package not only meets the new requirements of IMO but also the high standards of the industry’s clients, which is where MarQuip have gone above and beyond in their research and development.

The new IMO TIER III regulations will be applicable for the following yachts:

•         Yacht >24 metre

•         Yacht > 500gt

•         Engines with P > 130 kW

Ships with specific shapes, technical limitations and P

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    MarQuip to launch the exhaust system to comply with IMO Tier III