Work on the 6.5-acre project in the BVI has so far seen the completion of 42 berths. It will eventually be able to handle up to 10 superyachts over 30m. By David Robinson

Nanny Cay outer marina

Nanny Cay’s outer marina

In a ceremony earlier this week, the British Virgin Islands’ Premier and Minister of Finance, Dr Orlando Smith, officially opened the new outer marina at Nanny Cay in Tortola.

Work on the 6.5-acre outer marina project has so far seen the completion of 42 berths sited along the mangrove-lined shore. By August 2017, a further 78 berths are due to be completed. The additional 120 berths will take Nanny Cay’s total up to 300 berths.

The extra 120 will be able to accommodate yachts from 9m-23m (30ft-75ft), while the T-head berths will be able to berth superyachts up to 46m (150ft). The outer marina will allow Nanny Cay to handle up to 10 superyachts over 30m (100ft). The depths through the outer marina range from 3m-4.3m (10ft-14ft). Up to 10 superyachts over 30m (100ft) in length will be able to dock at Nanny Cay.

The first half of the outer marina has a controlling depth of 14ft, the second half, 10ft. It will almost double Nanny Cay’s total dock facilities to 300 slips split between the inner and outer marina.

In addition to the new berths, the outer marina will also include eight new condo blocks each with three 4-bed and four 3-bed condo units. Construction of the condos is expected to start in the spring of 2017.

In his opening speech, Premier Smith said: “We are here today to witness a new chapter in the of marine industry in the Virgin Islands. For me it was good news because it meant that as a sailing capital of the world we are adding another incentive to our product offerings to make the VI more competitive. I commend the owners of Nanny Cay marina and boatyard for pioneering this significant project.

“This is the type of progress my government is committed to supporting and promoting in order to strengthen the marine industry of the British Virgin Islands,” he added. “We always have to stay ahead of the curve by diversifying our offerings to attract more and a different type of tourist. As of September 2015 we are tiered under Category 1 status and now accommodate yachts and ships of unlimited gross tonnage. We see Nanny Cay Marina as an added value to what’s happening in this industry.”

The opening ceremony also included a sailing demonstration by the Royal BVI Yacht Club’s Youth Sailing programme and a kite-surfing flypast.

Nanny Cay’s expansion will also see other facilities such as new and enhanced walkways and recreational areas, a new restaurant, wellness centre, gym, social areas and an improved youth sailing centre and facilities.

The expansion is a continuation of the investment and improvements the owners have made to the facilities and infrastructure of the marina and boatyard over the last 15 years. These include a high-speed fuel dock, new docks, 120/220V electricity on all docks with 100% site-wide backup power, luxury shower facilities and restrooms, water from Nanny Cay’s own R/O plant, the BVI’s only pump-out station, waste oil storage unit with 64sq ft containers and emergency trap, and an Encyclon waste water treatment system for the haul-out area.