The RIB is CE-B and MCA certified

New Madera RIBS in the Netherlands has launched MR1300 inboard yacht tender. The vessel has been built to new Madera’s own design with layout and outfitting engineered in consultancy with the new owners. She will be deployed as a towing tender for a private yacht. Due to her design, the tender is capable of carrying a crew of two plus 10 guests or 7,000kg payload.

The MR1300 inboard yacht tender is 13.5m and propelled by two Volvo Penta diesel engines (435hp each), connected to two Rolls Royce (Kamewa) mixed flow water jets.

Making use of a glass cockpit fully automated navigation and communication system, she is capable of reaching a maximum speed of 45ks. The RIB is CE-B and MCA certified.

The hull of the MR1300 is built using a newly designed digital mould and using the newest infusion technology, the builder claims. The mould can be used to build RIBs ranging 10m to 15m combining high speed with payload. The 15m design can carry a payload of more than 13.500kg depending on the outfitting, and free deck space of 38sq m, the builder explains in a statement.

New Madera RIBS B.V is a family-run business that started by taking over Madera Ribs B.V from Veka Group in December 2014.